All my music should only serve one goal:

To praise and honor God!

As I just started publishing my music on

Bergmann Editions

I will use this website now primarily to publish Worship music

or instrumental music for service and praise!

If you use my music, please donate - See side bar >>

What's new?

My music published by Bergmann Edition


Overview of all my compositions:

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Original Compositions and arrangements by Thomas Seeck
(list of all the pieces featured here - never complete)
All listed compositions by Thomas Seeck [...]
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Free copy - just write to me (see "contact me...")

Recordings from the Chapel (Mariannenhospital Werl)

All of my music I play in the name of Jesus. He gave me this gift and I mean to use it to His praise, to worship and honour Jesus and what he did for me.

Most of my music is free. However I support this charity and mission in Africa. The two ladies in the picture help the Massai survive. Please donate!

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