Bergmann Edition

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Bergmann Edition:


Four pieces:

Aria, Andante, Adagio, Tombeau


Five pieces

Drommedaris, Cycles, La rose d'argent, Peizazhi Shqiptar, Samba parabien


Aves do Brasil

Suite for guitar


Scotland High Suite

Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Linn of Dee





For years I was looking for someone publishing my music professionally. Allan Bergmann at once answered my request and I was stunned about his website: Specialized on guitar music he published so many interesting composers and editors of guitar music. Now I am part of the Bergmann family. I am still determined to give everything I earn with my music to charity, namely to Hand in Hand für Afrika by Christine Lauterbach and Ulrike Keulertz. My request to give to this charity as a reward for using my music was almost never answered.

Here you find a list of my publications with Bergmann Edition:



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