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Play solo or with two guitars - the magic of these pieces is well known but even enhanced by second voices that can be played by a second guitar or melody instruments like flute or violin.


You can listen to the example in the video below (February Grey)

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A compilation with old and new pieces by Thomas Seeck now available on amazon. Order it in order to have a proper book of music instead of loose pieces of sheet music. 


The video below is one example from the book: Sailing the Irish sea

Aves do Brasil - solo/duo

Aves Do Brasil - Suite für Gitarre solo:

Different styles of South American music in intermediate Guitar pieces.

Also available below as download:

Some of the pieces I updated with a second voice for second guitar or melody instrument.



Aves do Brazil - Brazilian Birds: Ausgabe einiger Stücke mit Zweitstimme
Man kann die Stücke solo vortragen (zweites System) oder auf 2 Gitarren bzw. Gitarre und Melodieinstrument; Die Datei enthält folgende Stücke:
Brazilian Birds plus Zweitstimme.pdf
PDF-Dokument [942.7 KB]

Welsh Miniatures

Welsh Miniatures

Short pieces for solo guitar with Welsh flavour



Welsh Miniatures for guitar solo - download
Welsh Miniatures.pdf
PDF-Dokument [8.1 MB]

Scotland High - Suite

"Scotland High" - Suite for guitar solo, Guitar and flute, three guitars

Drei Stücke für Gitarre solo, zwei Gitarren und drei Gitarren - schottische Landschaften musikalisch skizziert



Scotland High
Suite containing three pieces:
guitar solo - two guitars - three guitars
Quiraing - Isle of Skye - Linn of Dee
Scotland High - Suite.pdf
PDF-Dokument [2.5 MB]
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